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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Getting the Creepy Texter to Stop

Dear Bro Jo,

There's this guy that I met at a youth dance who I gave my number to so he could give me his manager's number so I could apply for a job where he works.

Now he texts me all the time - and creepy stuff like "good morning" and "you have beautiful eyes".

I reply to be nice but I'm being careful not to lead him on.

But yesterday he asked me out.

I said no because I'm not 16 yet, but I don't want him to keep texting me all that creepy stuff.

What do I tell him to let him know I'm not interested?


The Irritated Mia-Maid

Dear Irritated,

When you gave him your number he thought you liked him and wanted him to text you; it doesn't matter that the initial "excuse" was about employment - a number's a number, regardless of how we get it.

We guys can be lame that way.

When a pretty girl shows us a little attention we get quite hopeful.

And, frankly, if you liked him you wouldn't think him saying “you have beautiful eyes” was creepy; you'd be writing me asking me if the two of you meeting at the mall or him coming over and watching movies at your house is really a date (which they are, by the way; lame, yes, but still dates).

Every time you respond to his texts you encourage him to text you again, so . . . if you don't want him to text you, stop responding.

If he continues to bother you, then you'll have to tell him to stop. With guys you need to be clear and concise.

"Hey, please stop texting me. I'm only 15 and you're creeping me out."

Anything less direct, less honest, and you'll only be encouraging him further.

Guys hear "I'm not 16 yet" not as "no", but as "but when I turn 16 I really want to go out with you".

If you're not interested, say "I'm sorry, but I'm not interested in you in that way".

Clear and concise.

Or guys will never get it.

 - Bro Jo

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