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Monday, February 23, 2009

Too Much Date Showing

Dear Bro Jo,

What do I do if when I pick up my date she's dressed immodestly?

- L.A. Good Guy

Dear Good Guy,

If you're college age, say:

"Wow, you sure look great! But to be honest I'm a little uncomfortable with what you're wearing. I'm already attracted to you; I'd like to get to know you better as a person, and with you wearing that, well, I'm just not going to be focusing on the right things. I hope you don't think I'm being weird, but would you mind changing into something more modest before we go out?"

See? You're making her feel good about her appearance, and at the same time telling her that she doesn't need to dress that way to make you like her - you're a man of quality and you're interested in more important things (girls dig that).

If you're in High School you could try the same conversation, or, if you're really bold (and since you're casually dating anyway, what the heck) try excusing yourself for a minute and asking to talk to her dad (or her mom if her dad's not around) and say this:

"Hi, Brother so-and-so. (you can use Mr. if you're more comfortable) Can I ask you for some help? (dads dig that) I'm really looking forward to taking out your daughter tonight, but, well, I don't know if you noticed what she's wearing, but it's a little immodest and it's making me uncomfortable. Would you talk to her please?"

Say THAT to a dad and you'll be known as a "Good Guy" for life.

Frankly, I wish more dads would pay attention to what their daughters are wearing . . . Dads, your daughter dressing cheap doesn't make you cool, and moms, boys thinking your daughter is "hot" (or popular) does not mean that you're sexy too.

By the way, if the girl refuses to change, be prepared to suggest that you cancel the date and reschedule for another time.

That'll teach her.

- Bro Jo


Heidi said...

I think even a high school girl will respect you more if you tell HER directly, as opposed to leaving her on the front step while you go tell her dad, just to suck up. Only a thought! Great blog. ;)

Lyndieloop said...

In my opinion, this is not a good idea if you want another date. It would just serve to embarrass her, and she really isn't yours to tell.

I'm married in my 50's now, but when I was college age a boy said my shorts were too short and it was causing him to "stumble". I had come back from a jog. After that comment, I avoided him completely, and thought of him as a creepy pervert. I still wore my jogging shorts to jog in.

SouthernUtahGirl said...

Shame a girl for her outfit, make her feel crappy, then tell her dad that you have no self control and are thinking about doing bad things to his daughter because of her choice of attire. Yep that'll make dating life so easy for you. Judge a woman by her appearance, then tell her dad that she's a skanky girl and he needs to force her to change her style to make you happy. My dad would knock you right the heck out for suggesting that my clothes make you lose your self control. Any good dad would call you a prick and tell you to never date his daughter.

SouthernUtahGirl said...

If a guy told me how to dress I'd come back wearing a bikini and he'd never get another date out of me.

Anonymous said...

Is this... is this satire? What do you mean when you say "That'll teach her?"

Kory Lynn Hubbell said...

This is the worst advice that has ever been given to anyone. You are one creepy person.