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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What Does It Mean When He's Nice to Other Girls?

Dear Bro Jo,

Hey! It's me again.

I have a question about guys, since you are one.

Are guys smart and/or cruel enough to try and make a girl jealous by being a nice to another girl?

I'm just wondering if it's a possibility in my situation...



p.s., if he is, it's working ;)

Dear J,

Some guys are, but there's a big difference between "being nice" and "flirting". A nice guy doesn't intend to lead anyone on or make anyone jealous; a flirty guy is just trying to get attention and affirmation from a girl; a jerk is intentionally trying to hurt you.

All of this drama is why I keep telling you to focus on Casual Group Dating until you're out of High School and stop focusing on any one boy. Serious Single Dating is what you do once you get to college.

- Bro Jo


Laura said...

Any guy who tries to make you jealous is immature and likely not worth your time (at the given time... he may grow out of it.. likely after his mission..)

And when girls do the same thing it is just as immature.

Frank Pellett said...

And some guys have no idea what they're doing can be construed as flirting. My wife thought the first time we met that I was flirting with her roommate, then her. It took some time for her to see that I was that way with everyone.

Dave Johnston said...

Of course "being that way with everyone" doesn't mean that you weren't flirting . . .

Neither does not knowing what flirting is . . .

So it sounds like what it took time for your wife to realize is that you flirt with lots of women and have no idea what you're doing.

Or do you . . .

- Bro Jo

Jdawg said...

"can a guy be smart enough..." You lost all credibility with that. Sorry, in all reality men aren't idiots. We just see things in black and white rather than a million shades of grey.