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Monday, August 6, 2012

She's Ignoring Him

Hi Bro Jo,

I am 15 and a half, and need some advice regarding a girl from a neighboring ward.

We met at a couple of dances last year, and I saw her on Facebook and added her as a friend. We talked on Facebook all summer pretty often, about every other day.

We saw each other at youth conference, it went smoothly, and we kept talking then one day in August, just as school started back, she abruptly stopped talking to me.

I saw her again at a dance in October, and we danced and talked, but all she said was she hadn't had time to be on Facebook. Which is true, she updates her status about only once every two months now, whereas it was almost every day.

Anyway, the few times she does get on, she never talks to me, and I won't see her again until youth conference next month. I have not seen her since October. I was thinking of saying something like, "I miss talking to you on Facebook."

Would this be a smart idea?

Because I really want to talk to her.

The only possible explanation I have is one girl from my ward who does not like me, at girls' camp last year told her I wanted to marry her (which I totally never said), but she talked to me for months after that anyway.

Thanks for your help!

- Name Withheld

Dear NW,

Maybe she's just matured enough to realize that she'd like to talk to a person instead of a computer.

Make sense, right? I mean, after all, she's nice in person, and she clearly told you she doesn't have much time for Facebook.

You should do the same.

Be a talker, not a stalker.

Oh, and at 15 1/2, my friend, you need to lighten up. I believe you when you say you never said you wanted to marry her, but you need to back that up by realizing she's not the only girl in the tri-ward area.

Six months from now you'll be old enough to start going on Casual Group Dates. When you get there, date all the girls, not just that "one special girl" you have your heart set on.

You can date her too, when you're 16 (Casual Group Dates!) but don't make it exclusive.

Have fun!

- Bro Jo

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