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Friday, August 12, 2011

In Love at 17?

Dear Bro Jo

Is it a bad idea to think you might be in love at the age of 17? I don’t know how to describe these feelings other than love. Could you help? I’ve known this person for about seven years and I know he likes me back so what can I do when I think these feelings are a lot more than liking each other?


Dear Confused,

It's not a bad idea to think you're in love, and it's totally possible.

However, it's NOT a good idea to do anything about it. Serious Single Dating shouldn't happen for guys until after they're home from their mission and for girls until they've graduated high school and turned 18.

As far as your feelings go: enjoy them. Write in your journal; describe how you feel so that in the future you'll be able to go back and recall these great moments. And, occasionally, go on Casual Group Dates with this guy.

Follow the Dating Rules. That means going out with other guys, too, even if you're not "in love" with them.

Guard yourself against temptation. No alone time and no serious commitments.

Love is grand; have fun!

- Bro Jo

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