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Friday, April 19, 2013

She Asked a "Younger Boy" to Prom (kinda) . . . Is That Okay?

Dear Bro Jo -

This isn't really a pressing matter, I don't imagine- but it is kind of an awkward embarrassing one.

I had a date lined up on Saturday for kind of a silly little prom thing...I live in the Atlanta temple district and we had our temple rededicated this past weekend, and part of the dedication events included a cultural celebration on Saturday night which I (and the other laurels in my ward) participated in rather than going to our prom.

The idea was to get all dressed up, do the pictures and the dinner, and then just do something fun like mini-golf or a movie night.

My date--who, might I add, had been my date for about a month (gees, boys..) cancelled on me on Sunday.

Now. I have been sort of a central part of the planning on this fandango and so I pretty much needed a date- bad. But it so happened that a bunch of my guy friends (ok, ok. Guy associates?) at school are going to a birthday party that night, and lots of the boys in my stake are going to be in Alabama for a relief trip (not sure if you've heard about the tornado damage or not).

 So...I was basically down to threads, here, and I found the number for a guy I met a few weeks ago while we were volunteering at the temple open house (we spent the afternoon putting those weird little booties on the feet of about 2,000 strangers..interesting, yes.)

Anyway, during the cultural event, he and I had been relatively close together for a dance number and so during rehearsal time, we had some minimal conversation. So last night, I struck up some courage (out of nowhere) and called him and asked him if he'd be available and interested in being my date for this thing.

(It's not like he was going to ask me...he didn't know about it.)

But he said yes!

So I was pretty excited about it...till I found out he was sixteen. I'm eighteen!

(I promise you, this boy does NOT look like a sophomore.)


Should I just forget about it and go or should I not?



Dear Goofed,

It would have been better had you called him and told him you'd like him to offer to be your date . . . but, all is well.

And "no", I don't think you goofed.

You're both still in high school . . . so what that you're a little older.

He IS 16, so it's okay.

Besides, I'm sure he's quite flattered (and perhaps a little intimidated) . . . unless he doesn't know you're "a woman".

Have fun,

 - Bro Jo

PS:  Let's make this, you asking guys out, a "one-time" thing.  Unless it's a published "girl-ask-guy" event, then, trust this "old fashioned" Old Guy, things work out MUCH better if you get them to ask you.

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