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Friday, September 12, 2014

Dealing with Stress

Dear Bro Jo,

Just a simple, random question today.

What are your tips for dealing with everyday stress?

Maybe I just stress way too much . . . but how do you deal with stress?



Dear Stressed,

Sister Jo might tell you that I'm one of the most stressed out people she knows. And, as always, she'd be right.

The four things that work best for me are:

1.  Going on dates with Sister Jo (actually, just talking to her helps a ton, too)

2.  Hanging out with my kids (nothing like a hug from a 5-year old to melt away the tension)

3.  Working out (or even just going for a walk)

4.  Being of service

Not that I'm the best example, but few things in life are worth the stress we put ourselves through over them.

In my profession I'm constantly amused by people who "need it yesterday" and then will delay picking up the order that they had to "have as soon as possible" because, well . . . they're not in the rush they said or think they are.

The Jo Kids can tell you how intensely idleness bothers me.  They say the trick to keep me from overloading them with things to do (mostly chores and projects) is to be sure they look busy.

And they're right.

So I certainly can't advocate sitting around doing nothing.

I'm one of those people who think many of life's problems can be solved by good hard work.

But even I can admit that there's a lot of value in decompressing, relaxing, and having fun once in a while.

That, and you know, having a good sense of the Eternal.

Because, I mean really, how much of what we stress out about day-to-day in this life has any significance in the grand eternal scheme of things?

Not very much it turns out.

Hope that helps,

- Bro Jo

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