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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

One Guy's First Relationship - Part 2

Dear Bro Jo,

Thanks for getting back to me so fast.

Yeah...I suspected you would say that. It just hurts so much even thinking about it..I'm going home for a week a couple days from now, so I'll have time to sort out my thoughts and maybe build up the courage to tell her...

I'm so worried about her though. Like I said, she's really depressed, and sometimes she hints that she's even having suicidal feelings. I think my spending time with her helps her feel better...But that's so much pressure on me to save her, and I don't think anyone can save you from yourself. Except Christ, of course. She needs help. But I can't tell her that, because she gets mad at me. She told me that I should be able to make her feel better myself and not call outside people in to help her. Plus, she's technically She's getting help - She takes antidepressants and stuff. I just hope she doesn't try something...

Thanks again. It's nice talking to someone, anyone, about it.

- CP

Dear CP,

I'm always here for you, bro.

Now I'm even more convinced that she's dangerously manipulative.

And I think for her sake, and yours, you should have this talk BEFORE you go home for the Holiday.

In fact, I think you should do it first thing in the morning.

These things are better done at the beginning of the day than the end of the day, ESPECIALLY if you're worried about depression or suicide.  Seriously.  It will give her all day to work it out, she can't say you abandoned her and left that day, she'll have all day to deal with it (nights are when we're the most lonely - until we get married - and the most likely that time that we'll feel depressed), and you'll be less . . . "tempted" . . . to "make her feel better".

Do it.

You'll be glad you did.

And I promise your time at home will be more fun once this monkey is off your back.

Good luck.

- Bro Jo

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