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Monday, September 3, 2012

When a Guy Discovers He Likes a Girl That's His "Friend"

Dear Bro Jo,

I'm in search of some advice.

I've developed strong feelings for a really good friend of mine. Las year I prayed to have such feelings taken away for anyone and for a long time they were but then they came back stronger than ever.

If it weren't for the timing in my life I wouldn't be as against the feelings. She only feels friendship for me.

We both have a year left of school and then I have my mission. She's not a bad person though. I feel as though these feelings aren't bad just the timing. Almost whenever I see people together in a relationship, love songs(even innocent like "A Whole New World"), etc. these feeling are brought up. They're a distraction in my everyday life and I have a strong testimony and know what I should be doing and don't want the distraction. Because of classes and callings we interact at least every other day.

Is there any advice/suggestions you could give me?

-Sincerely CTR Boy

Dear CTR,

Welcome to puberty!

The feelings you have a good thing. But you're right, now is not the time to do too much about them. As you know, a relationship right now is not a good idea.

But you could, and should, take her on some casual group dates. Having other people with you and keeping things casual will minimize the temptations and opportunities.

And if you find yourself thinking about her too much or in ways that are inappropriate, there are things you can do.

Learn the words and tune to a favorite hymn and sing or hum it. Recite, out loud or in your head, your scripture masteries. And a quick cold shower can work wonders. So can going for a run.

Don't be alone with her, especially in a dark place, but enjoy being young and attracted to a great girl.

There's nothing wrong with that.

And, frankly, I think you should take her on some Casual Group Dates.

- Bro Jo

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