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Friday, November 23, 2012

A Chat About Some Last Minute Missionary Questions

Dear Readers, 

A while ago I had this chat with a reader who was about to enter the MTC. 

His comments are in RED

Mine are in BLUE. 


- Bro Jo

Bro Jo HI! 

You might be able to give me one final piece of advice before I head off on my call to serve... 

I'll do my best 

My friends around me have been really supportive of me leaving 


A lot of nice and amazing things have been said, a lot more attention has come my way in the past 6 weeks 

As I leave for the mission field though, I suspect there a few girls out there who in some way wish they had spent more time with me... If you get my drift... 

that's a good thing 

A few of the comments have been saying that straight up; Other comments I can easily read into; I've received a few tight hugs & kisses on the checks... 

Which amounted to zero before the call had arrived 

girls are funny that way (wait until you get engaged

My final farewell is at the airport on Thurs my time; I suspect there will be a few more words said. I've got 2 books I've had going around with messages of support etc. etc. also good 

As I read them on the plane over to NZ MTC (Keeps things interesting) and as I receive letters in coming months... ... How should I react to these "over-the-top" letters at all ... 

Or any letters that will come across in a flirty way During AND After the Mission 

2 years is a long time I know - But it will fly by, and even though I have in my mind right now that all girls by the time I get back will be at least engaged - Makes things SO MUCH easier in my mind at the moment.. 

I kinda have just smiled my way through the past few weeks - But that's only cause I can usually find an excuse to move on fairly quickly

DURING - you focus on the Gospel - ignore the flirting but be thankful for the correspondence - and respond with stories, experiences and testimonies related to your mission 

AFTER - the mission, you date my friend - a lot - a date a week for RMs is my recommendation, you know

Or a reason finds me fairly quickly - I'm a busy person Just ignore it sounds good Dating sounds better Yea... 


So just don't keep the fire burning... 

it will burn on its own - no need for you to add fuel - that will just make you more homesick and distract from the work 

I never have wanted to 

the old adages about a successful mission are true:

work hard 
love the people 
be of service 

that's all you have to do 


 not every day will be dancing trees and singing flowers, but when it's all over the Lord will say to you "well done"

- Bro Jo

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