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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Should You Look for Your Birth Parents?

Hi Brother Jo,

I'm adopted and I have been wondering about finding out about my birth family; I would like to know about my family history.

Do you think I should try to find out about my family?



Dear C,

I think that's a personal choice.

I was adopted and I've never been ready to meet my birth parents. I'm no longer bitter; instead I'm grateful that they gave me up to good people who raised me with love.  I consider myself an "abortion survivor", and it saddens me quite a bit that people choose that route at all.

The people who raised me are my parents; I may never seek out my "birth parents"; it's just not important to me.

I have a good friend about my age who was also adopted; he chose to meet with his birth mom and it went well.  He liked having some questions answered, but certainly has no intention of keeping in touch or making her a new part of his family or his life.

So I think the decision needs to be up to you. My only advice is that you be careful not to hurt the feelings of the people who have sacrificed so much in raising you. They are, after all, your Real Parents, and from my understanding they are the people you'll be sealed to for Time and All Eternity.

- Bro Jo


US National Adoption Day is typically the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  You can find out more about adoption at LDS Family Services.

- Bro Jo

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