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Friday, November 1, 2013

What Should a 16-year old Girl Say to a Guy She Likes?

Dear Bro Jo,

I just want to say that your advice is very helpful to me; thank you.

Anyway I have just turned 16 and I’m having trouble.  I like this guy but he is not LDS though.

I have liked him for a while.  I’m scared if I say something our friendship will change.

He’s is in my study group and in almost every one of my classes.

I’m the Mia Maid president in the Church and I feel that if I start having a relationship with a non LDS guy that I will set a bad example for the girls.

The other thing is that the guy I like; I have a some sort of feeling backed up with little hints that his best friend likes me; would this be cruel to his best friend and what advice would you say to this situation.

Please Help


- CG

Dear CG,

You're welcome.

And thank you for reading and writing in.

So . . . (isn't it obvious?) . . . don't say anything.

Because, yes, everything you're worried about will come true.

Your "friendship" will change and you'll be setting a bad example.

(By the way, at 16 you're now a Laurel; Happy Birthday!)

Look, there's nothing wrong with having likes and crushes; in fact, it’s a good thing!

But at 16 there's no point in telling the guy, or anyone other than your best and most trusted friends. (And even then, I wouldn't; rare is the friend that keeps your secrets secret.)

The only reason to tell him would be to try and make him your boyfriend which, if he's a Good Guy, nearly always backfires, scaring him off rather than what you're wanting.

And if he's not a Good Guy could land you in a heap of trouble.

At 16 its time to go on Casual Group Dates, not have "relationships". If you follow the rules, CGDs don't need to be just with member guys, and they're lots of fun!

Enjoy your crush, certainly write about it in your journal, but don't Do or Say anything.

- Bro Jo

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