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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Followup: How Do You Get Your Kids to Go to a Church School

Dear Bro Jo,

Well posting my original letter at this time made me reflect on the last two years and the journey to a decision.

I let my daughter make the choice.

After researching every state and school for her major she applied to the state university, a couple private schools and BYU, she was accepted to all and received generous scholarship packages from all of them except BYU which is subsidized by tithing dollars of course.

I prayed and knew she was headed to NY but I waited and watched her struggle to find her own answer.

I did check out the institute programs and called the local bishops.

I also talked to a parent who sent her daughter to NY for college and listened to her advice.

It is a leap of faith but following Heavenly Father's personal plan for you is the most important thing.

I hope all the high school seniors study and pray to know where they should go:)

PS All the smart young men are going to have to do internships in New York City so they can meet her!

- Not a Confused Parent Anymore

Dear Parent,

Thank you so much for the update!

One of the hardest things a parent needs to do is to know when and how to hold back; it's something I'm sure I could improve upon.

Thank you for your testimony of prayer, and be assured: New York is FULL of smart LDS Single Men.

- Bro Jo

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