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Friday, January 16, 2015

A Happy Note: How Great Shall Be Your Joy!

Dear Bro Jo,

I've written to you several times before. More than once, about a friend of mine that I was thinking a time or two of dating in high school. (I'm a freshman at BYU now.)

Toward the end of my senior year in high school, I really just started to feel a big kick in the head to invite him to the Atlanta Temple open house. (He's not a member.)

Mind, I was in the Atlanta area and by that time, his family had moved to Virginia- there was an 8-ish hour drive between us.

And so, thinking there was no shot he'd actually come, I finally invited him...via text.

Didn't even call him.

Long story short..he came.

That was in April.

In July, he met with the missionaries for the first time.

As much as I stressed to him that this wasn't something I wanted him looking into if he thought it was the access to being with me (yep, guys and girls can NOT be just friends), I was nervous, for a long time, that that had much to do with it.

But as time passed, he really started to possess a light in his eyes and his face...I mean, you could see it.

You CAN see it.

On (date withheld), he's going to be baptized, and his goal is to be ready within the year to be able to go to the temple and serve a mission.

My reasons for sharing this are twofold: firstly, I just wanted to thank you for advising me not to date someone who wasn't a worthy priesthood holder. I actually think that his desire for a chance with me got him started on this journey- and if I'd just thrown my hands up and dated him, I imagine things would have run their course, and either I'd have settled for something less than a worthy Priesthood holder, or I'd have left and gone to college and our friendship would have dissolved, without anything coming of it.

He is excited and so happy at the prospect of holding the Priesthood...and I just can't describe how good it is to see him in such anticipation to be a missionary, holding the power of God.

It's amazing.

Secondly, I'll admit that I just find myself wanting to share this with everyone under the sun because I'm just so dang excited! Just thought I'd pass that on.

You do good work.

Thank you.

- Happy

Dear Happy,

Thanks for sharing!

That's very cool.

How was the Baptism?

- Bro Jo

Dear Bro Jo,

The baptism was really special.

He's now an ordained Priest; today was his first day to pass the sacrament, and next week he will bless it for the first time.

I took a DVD with me when I went out for the baptism that I left there, and he shipped it back to me with a copy of his testimony inside.

The first thing he said surprised me a little bit, because it's one of those things you hear a lot but not necessarily something I'd have expected to hear, just because he's so new.. but he wrote about the Priesthood and how humbled he felt that the Church felt like he was worthy to perform ordinances in Heavenly Father's name.

My mom and I have shared a laugh or two about how strange it is to hear him talk about passing the sacrament or home teaching, or things like that- it's still a little surreal, but it's been quite an experience for me throughout this whole process.

He's growing every day.

Thanks for following up,

- Happy

Dear Happy,


As the book says, "how great shall be your joy".

- Bro Jo

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