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Monday, April 27, 2015

Three Questions from a 15-year Old Girl

Dear Bro Jo,

Hey Bro Jo!

I've been reading your blog for a few months now, and I love it.

You give great advice, and it's helped me quite a bit, if only as preparation for the future.

1.  I've been thinking of having a movie party, and I'm wondering what movies you recommend for those?

2.  My cousin (he's 16) now has a girlfriend, even though it was supposed to be against the family rules.

My mom is very concerned by this, and she was asking my 13-year-old sister and I (I'm 15) about what she can do as a parent and what we can do as a family to prevent the Boyfriend-Girlfriend Thing?

3.  And one last question: I have one friend who is going on a mission this summer, and I'm wondering whose farewells a girl is supposed to go to?

Thank you so much,

- Clever Pseudonym

Dear Clever,

Three great questions!

1. That depends on a couple things.

Do you want to actually see the movie, or are you thinking of it as background while you all talk?

Do you want both boys AND girls to enjoy it?

In general I recommend movies that are fun, not too dependent on paying real close attention to dialog or details (like costume dramas and mystery movies); action movies are a great choice.

Save Jane Austin for girl's only nights.

2. I suggest you discuss Bro Jo's Dating Rules for Teens and the things I've written about kissing.

If you rotate who you date, and understand why we kiss that will go a long way towards helping all of you to fend off the Boyfriend-Girlfriend thing.

You girls need to remember, too, that you're wonderful, beautiful, talented and smart and that those things come because you're daughters of your Heavenly Father; being in a relationship with a boy doesn't make any girl any more of any of those things.

3. Go to all the farewells you can!

- Bro Jo

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