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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Cheese and the Digging for Compliments Guy

Dear Bro Jo,

So I have a... An acquaintance, we can call him the Gold Digger.

I see him at Church most weeks, and went to his house to a movie party his step brother invited me to one time.

Recently I mentioned to all the young men in our ward that they looked better with short hair.

The next time I saw them 3 had gotten haircuts, including the Gold Digger.

Now today he finally got the courage to ask me on a real live double date!

I said sure, and as soon as I said yes he started being all creepy the way he was texting me, and he started digging for compliments.

I thought only insecure girls did that?

He texts me "It’s no nice you aren't ignoring me."

Less than 2 minutes later "Do you think my baseball pants make me look muscular?"

I say "go to bed" he says "Don't you think I look so much more attractive with my hair cut."

Me "good night" him "You don't need to act like this now that you already agreed to go on a date".

I don't respond.

Moments later "I think I need to work out more. What do you think?" and on and on and on.

Umm... What do I do?

He's never really talked to me before other than in the hall at Church.

- Cheese

Dear Cheese,

I'm not certain if you're using the phrase Gold Digger the way I do ... but that doesn't really matter.

I think the best course of action is to not engage.

Simply ignore the creepy, fishing for compliments texts.

(You know I think y'all text too much to begin with.)

Even a "Go Away" text is still giving him attention, and thus encouraging him.

Good thing this is a Double date!

Otherwise it might be best to cancel.

- Bro Jo

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hmm...creepy compliment guy is definitely not on the list of must haves for an eternal companion. Pity date and move on. You poor girl hopefully the next good guy comes along quick!