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Monday, December 12, 2011

Verifying the Date Plan

Dear Bro Jo,

Alrighty, first I'd like to say thanks for the advice you've given me in the past! Which is why I come to you again, because you know your stuff.

I'm curious about 3 things regarding the same situation. I've got a date coming up, and what I've got planned is (I think) quite good, but since you know everything there seemingly is to know about dating, I'd like your input. Dinner, sidewalk chalk, ice cream and a leisurely walk (because you said that was good last time). Is that a solid date plan? Or do I need adjustments?

Secondly, the dinner scenario is causing me a bit of a head ache. I was told by a close associate of this girl that she's a big fan of breakfast. So I thought "easy peasy, I'll make breakfast!". Problem is, the night this date is going down, I'm done work around 6:30, and we've planned on a 7:00 meeting time, which is definitely not enough time to cook. My plan was to ask a guy if he'd cover me that day so I could do my thing, OR as a backup have my sister to the cooking while I was at work and I'd repay her somehow. THEN. My sister was like "why don't you guys just cook together and have a breakfast date?" which is a good idea, except for the fact that my house is an insane asylum because there's 9 million people always running in and out at any given time, which I fear would be a bit of a mood killer if I'm on a date with this girl.

And lastly, is it distasteful to reschedule a date? Because there are better working times next week we could do this thing. It would be a lot easier prep wise and we wouldn't be interrupted or anything like that. But when she offered to reschedule because I said I was still working out a few little kinks, I pridefully said there was nothing to worry about because I'd hate to admit to this girl that I got something wrong. Worse now, I'd feel like an even bigger idiot if I ask to reschedule after I've already said no the notion. Anything you've got for me would be a huge help!

- Planner

Dear Planner,

First of all, despite appearances, I know very little about dating (and much, much less about women - just ask Sister Jo.)

It's a solid date plan, my man.

Could be a bit long depending on the comfort level, but don't worry about it.

I don't remember you age (my appologies), but if you're pre-mish make sure that you've got at least one other couple going.

As for your second issue, if it's a Casual Group Date then a bunch of people cooking can be fun. If you're trying to impress a girl, don't have her make her own food on your first date.

Rescheduling is better than a disaster, not that I think you have the recipe for one here. When you reschedule you need to understand that she a) may be a bit put off, and b) may not be available. If you make things less complicated then you may have less stress. For example, you could pre-beat eggs, pre-mix batter, and pre-cook most breakfast meats (to be re-heated later). You could also cook for her infront of her; could be good.

Happy dating,

- Bro Jo

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