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Friday, May 25, 2012

19 And No Boyfriend Yet

Dear Bro Jo,


How are you?

Ok so I know I asked you for advice last time and you helped a LOT! But recently I have more thoughts that need advice other than my mother’s. If you don't mind.

I'm 18 turning 19 and I don't have a boyfriend. I have been dating here and there. Recently I realized that almost every guy I went on a date with started to like me and I didn't in return. Yes it was just him and I on the date but I thought oh well we're just friends. So I've been breaking/rejecting hearts :/

I know I told you about that boy that I really liked and that I thought about giving another chance but didn't. He is still getting into trouble and has a new gf so thanks for the advice you saved me!

Anywho I can't seem to find another guy that I liked as much as him. And the really cute guys are either taken or not anywhere near here!

I'm going to attend BYU Idaho in the Fall so I'm still hopeful!

But as of right now WHAT DO I DO? Any advice? I feel like giving up on dating in ALL!

Oh and I do attend the YSA activities!

Sorry it’s long but it’s my recent dilemma& hope you can reply and not get annoyed lol :)

- Name Withheld

Dear Little Sister,

Almost 19, no boyfriend, dating here and there, hasn't found a right guy yet and headed to BYU-I in the Fall?

Don't change a thing.

Not a single thing.

Don't give up, be patient, don't burn any bridges, and keep dating!

- Bro Jo


Anonymous said...

Although as a BUY-Idaho Alumnai, I feel the need to remind her that she shouldn't assume that she'll arrive on campus and be surrounded my males asking her on dates all the time. I'm friendly, out going, and fairly spiritual and only went on... I'd say less than 20 dates in 12 semesters (that's both pre-mission AND post-mission.) It happens fast for some, and not so fast for others!!!

Kate said...

Yep, BYU-I doesn't offer boyfriends on the bookstore shelves. Also, don't assume that you NEED a boyfriend. You seem just a little too eager to have a relationship. Be sure that you seriously date a guy because you like him and not because you think you have to/need to have a boyfriend. Or because all your roommates do or the girls in your ward do. That's just dumb.