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Monday, May 21, 2012

None of the Guys Will Go on Dates!

Hey Bro Jo!

I'm a little sad about this dating thing!

I'm 17 and live in a ward and stake with limited boys old enough to date....half of them aren’t even worth talking to. (Not good guys) I have a few really good guy friends who can date and a brother my age...BUT NONE OF THEM WILL ASK ANY GIRLS!

I'm a good girl and I'm nice and funny! (at least that’s what I think;)) And I'm not fat and ugly!

What’s wrong with them or is it me?

I'm also home schooled (I'm not one of those strange unsocial home schoolers, I'm a cool one..and I'm very outgoing!) and so I don't have any guys outside of my stake or ward to go out with....I want to go on dates, but I'm not going to ask. HELP!

-Seriously Confused

Dear Seriously,

It's them.

It's them and their parents and their leaders all failing to understand the importance of Casual Group Dating for boys AND for girls.

You're right, you absolutely should not do the asking, but there are a few things you can do. Firesides, dances, game nights, movie parties, anything that helps the guys be more comfortable around you and your girlfriends will help. And talk to the adults, too. Tell them how you feel. On our Facebook Fan Page you can find things like "Bro Jo's How a Girl Can Get a Guy to Ask Her on a Date"  that might be helpful, too.

But in the end, if none of these guys ask you out, just know that you're in good company.

Because of the pathetic-ness of guys, even good ones, and their lack of training, many of the best girls never go on dates at your age. Dating, despite what girls often believe, has nothing to do with their beauty or value or self-worth.

That, little sister, comes from God.  You have all of those things even if you're never around a boy smart enough to ask you out.

- Bro Jo

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