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Friday, April 18, 2014

Writing the Bishop a Letter

Dear Bro Jo,

I'm a student at BYU-Idaho and as soon as I’m done visiting my grandparents and return to Rexburg I'm going to find out who my Bishop is and resolve problems in my life.

I've been doing some pretty dumb stuff and I'm so afraid to talk to him.

But, I need to.

I've decided I want to write a letter and give it to him to read and then meet with him.

I'd be more likely to tell him everything and not chicken out.

Is this a stupid idea?

- Not Quite Ready to Talk

Dear Friend,

If it helps you say what needs to be said and do what you need to do, then I think writing down your thoughts is a great idea.

Deliver the letter in person and stay with him while he reads it.  Then, once he does, it will be easier for you to both talk.

If you write the letter on your computer, make sure that no one can get to it, and don't leave printed copies anywhere.

May the Lord bless you with the strength and courage you need.

I'm proud of you.

- Bro Jo

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