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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Is It Time to Go Home?

Dear Bro Jo,

I have been contemplating my schooling decisions for a while now.

I currently attend BYU-H.

I love the school but I miss being home and want to go home.

Here's where it gets complicated:  I recently was in a terrible relationship here at school and it did not end very well.

After that ended I was able to go home for a month to get away from the situation.

While at home I ended up talking and hanging out with my ex who I broke up with to attend school.

He is a great Return Missionary who treated me well, he has asked about getting back together and I want to.

I'm just not sure how we could make it work if I stayed in Hawaii.

Now that I'm back at school I have to make the decision to stay or to go home and continue my schooling at home.

I feel that I keep letting my feelings for boys interfere with that decision.

I feel that I want to leave school to be with my Return Missionary and to get away from the abusive ex I have here on campus but at the same time I love going to school here.

I'm torn!

I'm so unsure of what to do and if running away to home and the boy I feel safe with is a good idea. 

Do you have any insight on the issue?


- Confused College Girl

Dear College,

I've been thinking about your email since you sent it.

I think this is only complicated because you're making it complicated.

If you want to go home . . . you miss home . . . you can continue your schooling there . . . AND there's a possible great relationship possibility . . . gosh, I just can't think of any reason for you to stay where you are.

At the very least, other than BYU-H being a good school - which it is - you haven't given me any reasons to stay there.

Look, I typically don't recommend moving somewhere for relationship before it's on solid committed ground, but it's not like you're moving AWAY . . . you're moving HOME.

And I see a difference there.

Going home AND giving a relationship a chance?

To me that's a no-brainer.

- Bro Jo

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