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Friday, September 11, 2015

Dating in the Navy

Dear Bro Jo,

I joined the US Navy in July of this year.

I made it through basic training (aka boot camp) and now I'm going to school to learn how to my job.

I've been attending the local on-base branch and there are about 18 of us active in the Church.

While there I met a really nice RM he's also in the Navy.

We've hung out a few times at Church events and went to the beach together with some shipmates.

We also text back and forth throughout the week because we live on two different bases and can't see each other during the week because I work nights and he works days.

Needless to say or I wouldn't be writing you I have a huge crush on him.

There are a few problems though.

For one thing he'a 23 and I'm only 18.

He also just broke up with his girlfriend back home.

He hasn't really shown much interest in me except to invite me along to a few events.

None of this would phase me and I would plan on using your flirting tips and pulling the you should ask me out thing.

However, our times at this command are short.

In fact he leaves next month and I leave in January.

The odds of us being anywhere near each other are slim to none.

What I want to know is should I leave it alone and just be friends until he leaves and forget about him?

I'd appreciate some advice!

- Lovesick Sailor Girl

Dear Sailor,

In general I say take advantage of any get-to-know-someone-better opportunities that come up, and worry about being separated when it happens.

Now missionary service is an exception.

Once papers are in for guys and a call received for girls I say don't date.

The military may have its own exceptions, and you'll need to know whether or not dating fellow trainees is allowed... or even a good idea.

But I wouldn't allow the existence of an ex-girlfriend or the unknown timelines or future transfers to keep you from . . . getting to know someone better.

- Bro Jo

Dear Bro Jo,

Thanks for your reply and the advice!

I love your blog and my best friend and I love reading it!

We love discussing it together and we enjoy how it has something for all YSA not just people like her at BYU.

Thanks again,

- Sailor

Dear Sailor,

Any time!

- Bro Jo

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