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Monday, January 18, 2016

What Do You Do When You Get on the Wrong Path? (Part 2 of 2)


Part 1 of this email was posted on Monday, January 11th.

You may jump to it by clicking HERE.


- Bro Jo]

Dear Bro Jo,

I am on the right path now.

I made an appointment with my Bishop 2 weeks ago, and we talked about it, he said I was still Temple worthy, and even before I went to him, I started changing.

I actually started changing before I sent the first email,

I knew I didn't want that kind of life style, I wanted to marry someone in the Temple.

My Dad said not to judge the druggies, because some of his best friends in high school growing up did do drugs and drink, but he was smarter than me and he told them not to do it around me from day one and enforced it, I on the other hand said don't do it around me, but eventually gave in and didn't care if they did or not.

I talked to both my best friends, one does drugs, but she says she does it wisely.  She said there are 2 types of people who do drugs, the ones who don't care about life or school, and the ones that still get good grades and want to do good things in life.

She gets straight A's and wants to be a nurse.

Anyways. I told both of them I was done with that stuff, and I wouldn't come over if they were going to be doing that stuff.

The one friend with good grades, S,  has never asked me to drink, smoke, or do drugs, she's never even had that stuff around when I was over.

My other "friend", M, on the other hand, has had her friends over that do that stuff.

She and I had a talk, and she doesn't want to be around that stuff anymore either, so I've tried to help her.

She's having an end of the school year get together with a few friends this Saturday and really wants me to go.

I told her I wasn't going if they were going to be drinking or doing drugs, and she told them that, but she said they could do it at their house and come over afterwards, and I told her no, tell them they can't come over if they are drunk, or high, and if they do, then they aren't welcome to stay, and so she did, so I'll go to the thing on Saturday.

But as soon as they take out cigarettes or alcohol, I'm putting my foot down and either leaving or saying they can't be here if they do that stuff.

With my friend L . . .  well ex friend now . . .  we talked and she was never mad about me being around them and doing that stuff, but she was mad at me, or distancing herself from me because she thought I was mad at her for doing the school musical.  I tried to work things out with her, but she said "At this point I don't know where we can go from this point."

So after 3 months of not talking I just finally gave up, because I've tried talking to her and work things out 3 times.

And she's hasn't tried at all, but friends will come and go.

Oh well.

Thanks for all your advice and help though.

- On the Right Path Now

Dear Little Sister,

Any time.

Wishing you the best,

- Bro Jo

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