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Monday, January 25, 2016

Why Won't Her Boyfriend Kiss Her?

Dear Bro Jo,

How long does it take until a guy kisses a girl?

I have been going on dates with this guy since forever (5/6 months) and what I have from it?


He gives me all the signs that he likes me, but not this specific one.

I'm freaking out because I don't know if he is just playing with me, or what's going on in his mind.

Does that mean that I'm not kissable?

Because that is what I'm starting to think.

Yes, we hold hands, we have all this physic contact that shows me that he likes me.

Am I right?


So, what am I doing wrong?

All this time going out together, and not a single talk about our relationship.


Should I give up on him?

Should I stop answering his texts, and pretend I don't care?

I thought we were over this phase, but apparently we are still on "high school dating" phase, which we just hold hands and laugh at each other the entire day.

- Ready for a Committment

Dear Ready,

I could recommend that you read Bro Jo's Guide to Kissing or The 6 L's of How to Get Kissed ...

But what I don't understand is, if you two know each other so well, have been dating for this long, and have this "great connection" and all ... then why are you asking me and not him?

Where is it written that you have to just wait around wondering how he feels???

Communication, dear sister; it's the key to any good relationship.

NO, don't confront him.

In between all of those great "laugh all the time" moments (which, you must know, many people would kill for), have an adult conversation.

Tell him how you feel, and ask him the questions (perhaps in a much less dramatic way) that you've asked me.

Be Understanding.

After all, if he didn't like you he wouldn't be putting in all of this time and effort.

So there's got to be some reason.

And don't come across like you're begging, either.

I mean, talk to him; do some teaching about feelings, expectations, and relationships; but also Be Considerate of his feelings, too.

Be prepared to get kissed.

But I wouldn't just chuck this great relationship until you hear what he has to say.

Good luck!

Don't wait forever.

And tell us how it goes.

- Bro Jo

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