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Monday, May 22, 2017

Are They Dating?

Dear Bro Jo,

So here is another of my dilemmas: 

So I've known this guy for quite a while now, we used to go to seminary together but then he graduated and didn't see him as often.

Now we are both in YSA and we just currently volunteered at a youth activity. Before that, we had been talking for a while on Facebook about random stuff. Most of the time he will initiate conversation and I will just respond because I'm nice (well I Friend Zoned him a long time ago, and I think he did the same, mostly because he used to like one of my close friends a few years ago, it was reciprocal and sincerely I never had a romantic interest on him) he just recently suggested to hang out (he also said that it was very sad how little he saw me, and my friend the one from above and my sister). 

I was going to just ignore this since I've decided I won't hang out with guys. 

Only dates. 

But a few hours later he mentioned it again. but since he included the whole package(sister and friend) then what should I do? 

Should the four of us hang out??? 

(Just for the record, I thought it was weird he mentioned my sister since  she is younger than me and they were not really friendly to each other, they were more like acquaintances) I don't want to use one of the get-a-guy-to-ask-you-on-a-date lines (I could but what if he just really want to hang out?) and as I said before, I don't really see him in that way, although I never reject a first date, but as I say before, I barely see him so what do I do? 

I don't want to seem rude or anything. Besides, he is leaving for a mission pretty soon.A part of me tells me that this hanging out will just be friends catching up but another part of me tells me there is something off. 

Please help! :)

Thanks a bunch!

- Em

Dear Ember,

Sounds to me like he wants to get out of the Friend Zone.  I think including your sister is either a sacrifice he's willing to make because it will get you there.... or he has a thing for your sister....

I say stick to your standards when it comes to not hanging out.

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Anonymous said...

Stellar advice!