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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fearing Man More Than God - part 3

Dear Bro Jo,

You're very quick with your replies! I really do appreciate that.

I may fear man to an extent (I can admit it), but I will never let it get in the way of making things right with God again. There's so much more good that comes out of making things right with him than keeping things right with people I see and talk to every day, and I can say that from experience.

I'll be honest and say that I'm not a very frequent reader, mostly just when I have a particular question in mind... as such I've never come across anything graphic. I am, however, familiar with your frankness and honesty. I thank you for that, and I'll take your advice about talking to my bishop. I don't think it's entirely necessary to bring up what happened with you; I suppose all I needed was the kick in the pants and the affirmation that only my bishop can make the correct judgment.

I thank you for your time spent with me, as I recognize that you have many people you could be writing to.


Hermana Worried

Dear Hermana,

Consider this your kick in the pants!

Look, you're a good person who's honestly trying to do the right thing.

Trust in the Lord.

There are too many of us who put our own embarrassment and fears in front of doing the right thing . . . it will be a sad day in heaven for those that procrastinated their repentance to the point of robbing their spouses and children of blessings, all because they were hid their shame behind dishonesty.

I don't think that's you.

I think you'll be fine.

God bless,

- Bro Jo

1 comment:

artsyjc said...

Thank you so much for posting this series. I have had a similar issue and similar questions in my mind for a long time. And your advise is just what someone in this kind of situation needs to hear! I have already gone and talked with my bishop and stake president before I read this but, this would have helped me do so sooner. It did not change my date to report on my mission but it did help me to make things right soon enough to not have to. And gave me a chance to get a blessing from my stake president that helped in too many ways to explain. I hope everyone reads this before their mission because it's better to make every little thing right than to wonder if your worthy. I've noticed that, even if I was still able to feel the spirit I almost brushed it aside and didn't recognize it because I wasn't sure if I was worthy to recieve it. Now, I accept those promptings and feelings whole hartedly and I am ready to go serve the Lord!