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Friday, January 27, 2012

Follow Up - The Morning After

Dear Readers,

The following is a followup to a column I posted last August, "The Morning After". You can link to the original HERE.

- Bro Jo

Dear Stepping,

Thinking about you today . . . hoping all is going well.

Remember that you deserve the joy that the Lord has planned for you.

- Bro Jo

Dear Bro Jo,

Thanks Bro Jo.

I'm doing ok.

I've made some mistakes since the last time . . . but I'm working on it.

If I could offer any advice to girls (and the guys) it would be that procreation is sacred. The Lord gave us these feelings and this power to bring children into the world and to become closer with our eternal companion. The world sees it as a frivolous pastime.

Don't fall for it!

There's a reason it feels good but your emotional and spiritual state will pay the price. And sometimes, your physical state.

Also, (and I didn't fully appreciate this until it was too late) it is SO easy to slip down that slippery slope to sex once you experiment with certain sexual behaviors. Don't think you're not cool becuz you haven't kissed anyone. Don't think you're not cool becuz you haven't done x,y or z.

In fact, hold off on x,y and z until you're married. Once you've done something it is impossible to forget it. Once you start feeling those feelings you want more; you go one step further-pushing the boundaries until.... no more boundary to push.

Maybe I just needed to repeat that to myself... IDK if you'll put that up or what your thoughts are.


Tying to figure it all out

Dear Trying,

Thank you for that testimony. I think sharing your experiences may help others in (sadly) similar situations.

Remember what I said before: through the Savior and His Atonement we can repent and be made whole. Even if the road to repentance is difficult, and it often is, its always worth the journey.

And remember, its easier to avoid giving in to temptation if we stay out of certain situations.

- Bro Jo

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