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Monday, January 16, 2012

Is She a Groupie?

Dear Bro Jo,

There's this boy in my stake (We'll call him Jamie) that pretty much every single girl is mooning after. If he were a musician, they would be his groupies. Seriously. He's the stake crush. He has every quality every teenage girl wants in a guy. I first heard his name in a cabin at Girls' Camp. And then, at a dance a few weeks ago, I asked him to dance during a girls' choice song (not knowing who he was). After talking to him for a little while, I, like every other girl in the stake, have a huge crush on him. There's just a little problem.

I've always had a problem getting a boy's attention (which I have come to terms with, thanks to your blog!). I don't even think there's a word for how boy-repellant I am. They don't see me as a girl, as a friend, as potential dating material, nothing. I don't register on their radar. Which I'm working on changing.

So how do I get to know Jamie? And an even bigger question: Is he out of my league? Should I just not even bother? He could have any girl he wants at this point, and I'm below every single one on the food chain.

He's a nice guy to have as a friend even if he doesn't see me "That Way."

How do I get to know him better? How can I keep up a conversation with a guy? I'm turning sixteen in a few months, and I really need advice on this one.


Just another Groupie?

Dear Groupie,

The best way to get to know someone is to talk to them. The challenge is, because you’re a girl and he's a guy, if you over pursue him (initiating contact through phone calls, emails, chats and texts) you'll no doubt kill the chances of him ever liking you (unless he's not a Good Guy, in which case you don't want him to like you anyway).

I have no idea if you "repel" guys; unless you're really aggressive, like I mentioned above, I doubt it.

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- Bro Jo

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