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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

When a Friend Dies

[Readers - I received this email nearly a year ago. I feel this Easter is the right time to share it. You can still read the story of Michael Hall HERE. - Bro Jo

Dear Bro Jo,

I emailed you a while back about a friend and I who were fighting. The back story is attached. But, after the incident we got really close and while I stopped telling him things we were great friends.

He died in a fire on Saturday evening.

I guess I'm just looking for advice on grieving as an LDS member...I've cried a lot. And, I know I'm not done crying. I’m okay with that. But, I also know that Mikey is in heaven and I just am so jumbled.


Dear Liz,

We mourn not for those who have died, but our sadness is for ourselves; because we miss them. The pain never goes entirely away, but it does become easier to live with. It just takes time. Perhaps lots of time. Cry all you need. And then cry some more. And once in a while remember what a great guy he is, and think about the good things he did. In those moments you will honor his memory the most.

Let the death of this young man remind all of us that life here, in this existence, is short, but the things that truly matter are eternal.

Jesus lives!

And because of that we all will live again, including Mikey, who will wait patiently to see you again . . . when it's your time.

The trials we have here are but a brief moment in our eternal existence. Let us endure them with faith, and let us endure until the end.

Until that time, let us to our best to be of service to others. In that way, not only will we bless them, but we'll be blessed as well.

Yours in Christ,

- Bro Jo

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