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Monday, April 30, 2012

Age Differences: 15 and 18

Dear Bro Jo,

I'm a freshman in high school, and 15 years old. I'm writing about this little problem that I could use your opinion on. I've sat by this guy in one of my classes for a few months, and we talk a bit, and he's really nice.

The only problem is that he's a senior, and he's 18. He texts me sometimes, and a few times has asked me to go and study with him during school.

He told my friend that he likes me, and a few days ago he was texting me, and said that we could have been really good friends, (I'm moving out of the country this summer) and he said we should hang out at least once before I move away.

I'm not quite sure if that would be such a good idea, because of the age difference, and I would like your opinion on it.

Thanks so much for your time!


Dear Thinker,

If the "hang out" is a bunch of people getting together for a movie party or game night, and so long as your parents consent, then I think that's fine.

If "hang out" is this guy's code for "date", or even worse "date where I don't plan, pickup or pay, but I spend time with this girl alone and see what I can get her to let me do", then I vote no.

And I feel that way regardless of the age difference.

Which, for the record, I AM a little uncomfortable with.

- Bro Jo

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