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Monday, March 16, 2015

One Last Slow Dance?

Dear Bro Jo,

G'day Bro Jo.

I've got a question (as you can well imagine).

I'm 18, started university whilst preparing to go on a mission during this year and she's 16 turning 17.
We met when we were both still in youth, and though it took time, we eventually started talking to each other (through Facebook because it was the cheapest method) and a friendship developed.

We always greet each other with a hug on the rare occasion we see each other (which are few and far between- we live in neighbouring wards but in different stakes).

So what's the problem?

I think we're in 'like' with each other, though of course there's no guarantee she does like me.

I figured out the obvious- no dates because she's still a YW - and so we've still just been talking to each other.

I don't really want to date the YSA pre-mish, lest I inadvertently end up in something serious months from departure.

I'm about to see her for what I expect to be the last time before I have any sort of mission farewell during a youth dance.

My question being- do I tell her that I like her?

Or say absolutely nothing?


- The Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister,

I can't think of a good reason for you to tell her you like her . . . Can you?

I mean, what would be the point?

What are you hoping will happen?

- Bro Jo

Dear Bro Jo,

I don't know, I suppose I just didn't want to die wondering.

But, on contemplation, I guess nothing will happen ad interim.

Should I just go with plan 2?

One last slow dance, maybe a photo and just leave with a happy memory?

And then wait until I'm home and we're both YSA?

- The Prime Minister

Dear PM,

Die wondering what?

If She likes You, right? 

You're hoping that if you confess that you like her that she'll respond in kind?

- Bro Jo

Dear Bro Jo,

I guess, but I'll accept your wisdom.

- PM

Dear PM,

It's not my "wisdom"; it's a matter of you getting in touch with what you want, with what your goals are.

Figure that out, and you'll know what to do.

- Bro Jo

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