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Monday, June 1, 2015

Scared and Alone - Part 1 of 15: The Word of Wisdom and . . .

Dear Bro Jo,

I have read through most of your blog, and have really enjoyed it.

However, I am having a few struggles at the moment and was hoping for some advice. My first question is about The Word of Wisdom. . .

I am kind of having a problem with drinking sweat tea right now.

My parents were inactive members of the church when I was younger, and we used to drink it like it was water.

After learning of the Church when I was seven and my brother was eleven, we both decided to give up the tea and be baptized into the Church.

We went for about two years after we were both baptized, but then became inactive.

During the years that my family and I were inactive in the Church, we did begin drinking sweat tea again.

Luckily, three years ago when my family moved to our current location, we all became active again . . .  except for my dad.

We have been fully active since then.

Recently though, my brother and dad have began drinking tea once again.

I tried to keep away from it and continue to follow the Church's standards, but I ended up falling for the temptation. Here's my question:

What can I do to stop myself from continuing down this path and is this something that I need to talk to the Bishop about?

I've been drinking it for about two months now. I thought about talking to my Young Women's Leader, because she is a second mom to me and would do anything she could to help.

My only hold up is i'm so scared of disappointing her.

Should I talk to her or the Bishop?

Here is my second question: (It's more of a situation, sorry!!) I met this guy a little over three years ago when I was a freshman in high school and he was a senior.

Throughout the year we became a little more friendly with each other and did some things we shouldn't have.

After he graduated that year we lost contact, but have begun to text again.

Since we have started texting again, we have talked about many inappropriate topics and have sent many pictures back and forth.

He has asked me many times to "do him" and "have his babies," but I always refuse.

We have sent several pictures back and forth and some were not the best.

That leads me to my question about this situation:

I know I shouldn't have done sent the pictures and just ignored him when he asked for sex, but I didn't.

Do I need to talk to someone such as the bishop or a leader about this situation?

I know they would be highly disappointed and this scares me so much.

Thank you so much for reading this and offering any advice you can. I truly love your blog and I'm so glad that my friend suggested this site.


- Scared

Dear Scared,

Do you see these two issues as connected?

- Bro Jo

Dear bro Jo,

Sorry if the email wasn't very clear!!

The second situation with the guy all started about 6 months ago and I started drinking tea about 2 months ago.

I guess to answer your question they could be?

I'm not sure.


- Scared

Dear Scared,

I'm kind of hinting here . . . I'd like you to ask yourself what is it about you and your relationship to the Gospel, your relationship to the Savior, that's got these trials happening right now?

What do you think?

- Bro Jo

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