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Monday, June 15, 2015

Scared and Alone - Part 3 of 15: What Kind of Friend Does That?

Dear Bro Jo,

It is hard being the "lone person in the wilderness" as you described it, but I know that I shouldn't let that get me down.

I do miss the comforting feeling we get, but at the same time I don't think I truly know how it feels or how to recognize it.

I had no contact with the Church until I was seven and ended up being baptized at eight, but for most of my life after that my whole family was inactive.

I've only been truly active for these past three years.

I do need to start praying more and reading my scriptures daily, but I just don't have the drive to do it.

I'm sure if I just started doing it, eventually it would become something I want to do daily, but that first step is hard.

About the guy situation, I should probably quit talking to him. It would suck losing the friendship, but I don't need the distraction of him always asking for sex an inappropriate pictures.

Talking to the Bishop about it would probably help me take the steps I need to get out of the situation and to help me repent for the things that I have done in the past with him.

We've never done anything sexual, but he has sent inappropriate text messages and asked for pictures.
Also talking to him would probably help with my problems of keeping The Word of Wisdom.

I"m just too scared. .


- Scared

Dear Scared,

It's always hard to start doing what's good for us.

I certainly know that!

As a guy who needs to constantly work on keeping his weight in check . . . well, right now I can't stop thinking about doughnuts!

I don't mean to make light of your situation, but I do think there are some similarities.

Can I tell you that I don't think friends beg for sex and send (and ask for) inappropriate pictures?

I mean, what kind of "friend" does that?!?

Certainly not one that's thinking about your well-being . . .

I understand that talking to someone can be scary . . . that's Satan working on you.

Seriously, what is there to be afraid of?

It just seems like you've got so much to gain and nothing to lose.

- Bro Jo

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Talking to the bishop is always one of the scariest things before you go in, and always one of the best things after everything is over. It literally feels like poison is being sucked out of your body that you didn't even realize was there to begin with.