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Friday, June 19, 2015

Wanting a Relationship in High School

Dear Bro Jo,

I really want to try having a relationship in high school.

I have been flirting with some boys and trying to get the ball rolling...

But both of my best friends in the whole world without effort are now both dating people.

Most of my LDS friends are dating too.

I really want to just try dating.

Because no boy has ever been interested and the boys I told a long time of go that I liked him and he said I don't want to be in a relationship then he got in a relationship with someone else, I feel as though I am worthless and that I don't mean anything to anyone.

I also by nature am someone who really cares about people and everyone cries on my shoulder but I am really going through a hard time with this and I have to shoulder to cry on I have my parents but I need someone my age.

I feel like no boy will ever care about me.

I know I have worth but I feel like I am worthless right now and that no boy will ever care about me. Let me know what you thing.

- Hopeless Times

Dear Hope,

(No one is "hopeless"!)

Don't do it.

Look, I'm old, but I'm not dumb.

I get the appeal of pre- high school graduation relationships.

For one thing, as you've alluded to, it gives a sense of validation.

A false one, but still . . .

You're still at an age where you use melodramatic phrases like "no boy will ever care about me" - which of course isn't true - but that's just the thing: these early relationships bring a lot of drama and hormones and emotional baggage that I frankly just don't recommend.

Yes, all of the Jo Kids (so far) have been in relationships at one point or another in their teens.

And once they got old enough they all have commented on the drama and pressure and about it being more trouble than it was worth.

Not that they didn't like who they were in a relationship with. Some of them still do.

But, I'm telling you, Casual Group Dating is by far the better way to go.

All of the fun.  None of the drama!

- Bro Jo

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