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Monday, June 22, 2015

Scared and Alone: Part 4 of 15: Hearing the Spirit More Clearly

Dear Bro Jo,

I guess your right about him not being a very good friend.

He doesn't always beg for sex, but he only seems to want to talk to me when we talk about that or he's getting pictures.

For me talking to someone is so hard, because I hate expressing my feelings and my thoughts.

I tend to keep things to myself and never let it out.

Over all I've never really done anything that wrong and not exactly growing up in the Church.

I'm not used to having to talk to the Bishop or anyone else.

I guess I’m just afraid people being disappointed or upset.

I can't stand people being upset with me.

I have thought about talking to my Young Women’s Leader first, just because she is a second mom to me and I can talk to her about anything.

My only fear there is I know she loves me and again I would hate to see her disappointment or whatever she may feel.

- Scared

Dear Scared,

People who truly love us, who are our real friends, continue to love us even though they're sad or disappointed.

And that, dear sister, is a Similitude of the Savior.

His love is unconditional.

All the time.


Does He ever wish that we didn't do what we did?

Of course!

But he never stops loving. 

I suspect that your YW Leader and your Bishop are exactly the same way.

You said before that you're not sure what the Spirit feels like . . . well, I'm going to tell you!

You know that thought you get that you should talk to your YW Leader?

That's the Spirit. You know that feeling you have when you've helped someone, told the truth, or something good has gone right?


That's the Spirit.

You know how sometimes you're going along and you think "hey, I should call this person / drive slower / be careful here / remember to grab that thing I need"?

The Spirit Every Single Time.

See, those are Good Things, and All Good Things come from God, and the say he sends them to us is . . . Right!

The Spirit.

So, even though you may not feel the Spirit all the time (and no one that I know personally does, by the way) you do feel it . . . perhaps more often than you realize.

The other thing I can tell you for certain is that when you listen to the Spirit, when you do those things you need to do, you feel it more often, you hear it more clearly.

True story.

- Bro Jo

1 comment:

LD said...

For anyone in this situation: Even if a church leader or bishop feels disappointment in the choices you have made, I can tell you - having been on both sides now - that they will also be very, very proud of you for coming and talking to them. By talking to them, you take the steps to make things right, and that is ultimately what leaders are there for: to help you make the right choices, even after you've made the wrong ones. What has happened has happened. It's where you're going that matters most now.