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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Not Sure If She Should Serve a Mission or Not

Dear Bro Jo,

I'm a 18 year old girl with a dilemma. I can't make a decision on whether or not to serve a mission.

When the announcement was first made I thought I was for sure going to go, but as these few months have gone by I've found myself going back and forth more and more. I've prayed about it and studied my scriptures, I know that I wouldn't regret going on a mission,

I just don't know if its right for me..and I want to be SURE it's right!

(It's a life altering decision as well!)

I've talked with my family (we are strong in the Church) and they honestly don't really want me to leave - they say they would miss me to much.

I know my mom would be a wreck ... (we are a very tight knit family) but they also say its ultimately my decision.

I just don't know if I can leave them either!

I've been living out in a third world foreign country for about 6 months with my family (for my dad's job) as well, it has been a very trying, humbling and wonderful experience all at the same time!

I'm very thankful for the many things I have learned out here, I am so much more grateful for the blessings I have. I feel that I have grown up out here and i know what matters most now.

But frankly, I just want to be home for awhile!!

Honestly I'd like to be able to go out to movies and parties and restaurants and dates and dances, and have some freedom!!

(And maybe take a little break from being with my family 24/ . . .  I love them so much. But its really hard sometimes!)

Things of that nature that I haven't had the opportunity to do for a while and wouldn't have that opportunity on a mission, (I mean, can't a girl have a little fun?! Haha:))

I also think that going to school would be good for me too (I've been to one semester and took a semester off to leave the country and be with my family).

I want to help others come to Christ and to be truly happy. I want make Heavenly Father proud, and live up to my divine potential.

(I understand that I can do that without going on a mission...I'm just feeling very torn on saying I will for sure go or I will for sure not go..)

There are some things in my patriarchal blessing that I feel lead up to going on a mission..I am just confused on what I should do, I don't want to have any regrets...I know that it's up to the Lords will and that things will work out, but I thought that any advice you have wouldn't hurt! 

Thanks so much,

-  Debating

Dear Debating,

Sounds to me like you have your answer.

- Bro Jo

PS:  Readers, if you are similarly struggling with this issue, I invite you to read this talk:

For Young Women: Making the Mission Decision

1 comment:

Kristin said...


You also don't have to serve a mission the minute you turn 19. There's nothing wrong with wanting to be home for a while and go to dances and movies, etc. Maybe you should break the question into two parts: 'Is it Thy will that I serve a mission?' and 'Is now the right time for me to serve a mission?'

Good luck, and the Lord will help you figure out where to go and what to do!