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Saturday, June 24, 2017

What If You're Too Shy to Get Dates? - Part 3

Dear Bro Jo,

Well, I try to talk with people. For example, at the beginning of the semester I decided I wanted to meet more people. I talked with a few people, and a few guys I might be interested in. They talked with me, they said hi for a few days when they saw me walking around school. And now, guess what?

Nothing. Most of them pretend they don't know me. They stop talking with me for no apparent reason, and I just can't find a way of starting talking with them again. And it is something that ALWAYS happens. And when it happens with some guy I was interested in, they always start hanging out with some girl after they stop talking with me. It got to a point that I can already see it happening every time I meet someone new.

To prove my point, here is something that happened recently:

A few weeks ago I met a guy. He introduced himself to me and was very charming. I thought he was cute, but I had to go to class so I didn't think too much about it. About a week later he saw me at school again and came talk with me. We talked for a few minutes and he asked for my number and, of course, I gave it to him. A few days later we saw each other again and he was with some friends. He said "we should go on a date on the weekend" and I said yes. He said he would contact me to plan on doing something and he never did. He is after another girl now.

I don't understand it. If I say yes, they will think I'm too easy. If I say no, it isn't helpful at all because if I want to go out with the guy, why would I say no? Does it make sense?
I haven't been asked on a date in a very very long time. The one guy who did ask me out, did it because he wanted to add one more name on his list. I know that guys like when they have competition, but I can't even pretend I have a lot of guys after me. And, it affects my self esteem and confidence, which make things even worse.

 - Too Shy

Dear Shy,

Sometimes we have to fight to stay positive.

Sister Jo says the best way to do that is to be of service to other people.

Stop dwelling on the bad and frustrating things in your life (hard to do sometimes, I know) and instead look for the positive stuff, the blessings, the things to be grateful for.

You may be pleasantly surprised when you learn just how attractive other people find those that are happy and positive.

- Bro Jo

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