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Sunday, June 25, 2017

What If You're Too Shy to Get Dates? - Part 4

Dear Bro Jo,

In the last few months I tried this Set-up game with some of my friends. It never worked. Nothing ever happens. I guess us girls are not as united as we should be. Or maybe everyone kinda lost hope already haha.

I'm in a new singles ward. People are nice. Girls there are very competitive, which is kinda scary because I'm not when it comes to men. Boys don't do any asking.

I went to a few dates after that email. 3 or maybe 4. I was asked out by text by all of them.Things got to a point where I just started accepting the reality of it. Now I'm dateless again. I am starting to think that people just don't do it anymore.

But anyway, enough with the drama, haha. I like one boy. We were great friends about a year ago, and he's back in my life again but he's far away. At the beginning it seemed like he liked me and he's a awesome guy and that's why I started liking him too. But because he's far, we can only talk via social media and I'm awful at it and now he's ghosting. So my hopes of seeing him when he comes back to school is almost gone now and hopes of something happening..... oh boy.

I didn't wanna sound so negative. Maybe it's the rainy day. But this is the update. Thanks for your reply!

- Too Shy

Dear Shy,

I've heard some girls tell boys "I'd love to go out with you, but you'll need to ask me in person or give me a call; texting is just too impersonal, plus I'd like to know that it's actually you asking and not someone playing with your phone".

I like that a lot.

Keep in touch with that other boy.  Never know what might happen when he comes back to school.

Chin up!  All of this effort is worth it, I promise!

- Bro Jo

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