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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Age Differences: 16 and 18

Dear bro Jo,

Well your probably sick of hearing from me . . .

Thank you for answering my last question, and for your awesome blog!!!!

Just a quick Q, do you think that 16 and 18 is reasonable, for dating??

Thanks for all your help and guidance,

Book Worm

Dear Book Worm,

Sure. Casual Group Dating, but sure.

And I'm never sick of hearing from you.

- Bro Jo


Mama Cheese said...

Interesting thing, you, I see no problems with 16 year olds casual group dating 18 year olds. But it's almost always 16 year old girls dating 18 year old guys. Why do you think that is? I know in our household the 18-year-old son is just utterly uninterested in dating at all until after his mission, and the 16-year-old daughter has always gotten along better with older people. In your opinion why is it so much more common for the guy to be older, even when casual group dating pre mission? (I totally understand how the mission often creates a 2-4 year age difference between spouses with the husband usually being older.)

Dave Johnston said...

I think it's because 18 year old guys and 16 year old girls are often not too far apart in terms of maturity, but seldom is the opposite (18 year old girl and 16 year old guy) the case.

Part of that may be physiological (consider when puberty onsets) . . . part of that may be that 18 year old girls intimidate the heck out of 16 year old guys.

- Bro Jo