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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bro Jo Travel Update - March 2012

Bro Jo is doing a little traveling in two weeks; here's his availability:

Sunday March 11 - Temecula, CA - any time (anywhere within an hour's drive)

Tuesday March 13 - Temecula, CA - any time (anywhere within an hour's drive)

Wednesday March 14 - Prescott, AZ - evening

Thursday, March 15 - Utah County / Provo area - evening

Friday, March 16 - - Utah County / Provo area or Salt Lake City area - early AM

If you'd like him to come say hello or speak to your group or class, send an email to:

Oh, and he'll be giving away some "come up and say hi" books as well.

There's still time to get on Bro Jo's Summer Schedule; email your requests now!


Anonymous said...

are you coming to BYU and giving out books??? if so, i will SO be there!!

Dave Johnston said...

Sounds like a great idea! Let's work out the when and where.

- Bro Jo

Mama Cheese said...

Oooh! Pick us! Pick us! We want to see you in Pleasant Grove/Lindon!

JulesVerne said...

Always thrilled to see you at BYU-I! I would bring a big group with me. I always talk about your advice, and give it to others :)

Anonymous said...

(from the girl at BYU): hey whenever is good if you are willing to come to the Y! Late Thursday afternoon or night seems cool, anywhere on campus is a good deal! That would be awesome!

Dave Johnston said...

Send me emails, you guys, and we'll set it up!

- Bro Jo

Anonymous said...

You should come to Texas!!! I would love that!!!

Dave Johnston said...

So would I!

- Bro Jo