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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Day Presents to Give Guys

Dear Bro Jo,

Howdy there! I'm 17 now (yay!) and I've kind of started seeing this guy...we both like each other, we've been on a few casual group dates, and we've become really great friends! I'm not gonna lie, it's basically like we're boyfriend/girlfriend right about now, even though we haven't made that "official" yet.

He's a real great guy, and he just got baptized. He's practically more spiritual and knows more about the gospel than I am, and I grew up in the church!

Anyways, he's great.

High standards, I set the limits and boundaries of everything and he's always keeping my standards high with his. The only thing is that I know he's a really emotional guy, and Valentine’s Day is coming up! Should I get him anything? Something small and cute?

I'm not really sure... I read a post on your blog about what a guy could get a girl, but there wasn't any about what a girl could get a guy!

Thanks, Bro Jo!!!

Heart-Day Fanatic

Dear Heart-Day,

You know . . . I don't recommend the Boyfriend-Girlfriend thing until you're old enough (meaning YSA); and I know it happens.

So, even though you L-O-V-E Valentine’s Day, and I know I can't talk you out of getting him something, I hope I can talk you into keeping it simple and casual.

I think the best present a young woman can give a young man is something she makes herself, like a tie, scarf, or (and I still think this is best regardless of how much grief I get) . . . food.

A cookie, brownie . . . again, keep it simple.

Stuff you make will be personal without the awkwardness or obligation that a purchased gift will have.

And, for the record, anything that's "little and cute", like a stuffed animal, for most guys is a bad idea.

- Bro Jo


Kate said...

I totally had this situation in HS. For his birthday, I made him a homemade two-layer chocolate cake with mint frosting. Pretty sure that won his heart forever. :) And for Christmas, I wrote a list of memories of us and/or our group of friends. I included on the list sweet things he'd done for me that I wanted to thank him for. Things like taking me to prom, holding the door, being nice to my little brother, shoveling my driveway, laughing at my dumb jokes etc. He wrote me a similar letter too. Awesome gifts.

Now he's on a mission, and I'm in college. We're still close, and looking back I'm so glad we never had the drama that comes from the HS bf/gf thing.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad other people agree with me on this! I can't stand the awkwardness of purchased gifts, my boyfriend and I decided not to. And we both love it! He was practically addicted to my the products of my mad baking skills. And I still have some of his sweet letters, years later! Hint to the YSA boys: Another big winner? Serenading, especially via singing+guitar.