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Monday, February 6, 2012

Surprise Valentine's Day Cards

G'day Bro Jo,

With Valentines' Day fast approaching- is it a good idea or a bad idea to send out a surprise card to a girl in the mail?

- The Governor

Dear Governor,

That depends on:

1. the nature of the card
2. the girl you're sending it to
3. why you want it to be a surprise
4. and what your goal is in sending the card to begin with

And, of course, your age and her age (see #4 above).

If you're pre-mission and you're trying to get a girlfriend, the answer is "no, don't send the card, because girlfriends should be an after-mission thing".

If you're post mission and you're trying to get a girlfriend, the answer is "maybe; but don't expect that it will be enough".

- Bro Jo

1 comment:

Peter and Molly said...

Both of your valentine's gift idea columns were too kids. I know, however, that a lot of your readers are Young Adults. My experience is that Valentine's day is very difficult for those who are of an age where they could and wish they did have a Valentine (and who's parents, friends, bishops etc. keep telling them that they should have one too.) Sending some anonymous flowers to them has, in my experience brightened their lives.