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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cheesy Wednesdays: Epic Dating Fail?

Dear bro Jo,

Don't you think if a girl wants to go on dates, she should go on dates when asked?

Here's the story:

Once upon 4 weeks ago, Cheese went to visit her friend Mac for a couple weeks. They had lots of fun and went on lots of dates. One of these dates was with the Reubenator. He is all that and a bag of chips--smart, funny, energetic, strong testimony, pleasant, courteous, yada yada yada. Cheese had tons of fun with him, but did not fall in love because she recently learned relationships are bad for 16 year old young ladies.

Fast forward to last night. Mac got a call from... You guessed it... The Reubenator. Asking her to go to a movie on a Casual Group Date.

So what do you think my dear friend did?

A) Go on the date with the lad,

B) Choose to hang out with girlfriends,

or C) Stay home and watch Pride and Prejudice all alone?

You're right! She chose C!

In a move of shocking stupidity she chose to stay home and fantasize about Mr, Darcy while simultaneously texting me complaining of her need for more romance in her life.

Later that night the poor Reubenator posted on Facebook about going to see Spider Man ALL ALONE!

I have advised Mac that if she wants to go on more dates she should go on dates when asked by nice guys. 

Do you think I should also advise her to take the Reubenator a big plate of fresh baked goodies to apologize for her breathtaking idiocy?


Cheese Herself

Dear Cheesy,

You're absolutely right: how can a girl who complains about not getting enough dates turn down a great guy when he asks?

It makes me wonder if there's something more to her refusal . . . (Maybe this date wasn't a well-planned Casual Group Date - after all, he posted that he went by himself; where was everybody else?  Maybe Mac needed a "dating break" after all those dates partnered with you . . . or maybe she's worried about falling into the same situations that have lead you to discover that "relationships are bad for 16-year old young ladies" . . .)

Anyway, yes, I think she should have gone. (Assuming none of the other things I mentioned are true.) Plate of cookies?

Hmmm . . .

Yes. I think that would be wise.   That and a note along the lines of "thank you for asking me, sorry I couldn't go, I hope you'll ask again some time.

She needs to repair the bridge lest she find herself continuously left on Prince Edward Island alone.  (I figured since we were mixing stories, I'd add an apropos one of my own.)

 - Bro Jo

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