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Monday, May 13, 2013

What to Do When You Suspect Anorexia - Part 2

[Dear Readers,

Six months ago I ran a column called "What to Do When You Suspect Anorexia".

 Two days later the original writer sent me an update.

 It's posted here below.

 - Bro Jo]

Dear Bro Jo,

I finally got up the courage to ask her about it, she didn't say much besides "you know I eat!" and she seemed defensive.

So I started going to lunch with her almost everyday and making sure she eats something of nutritional value (like a healthy smoothie).

I feel like I need to talk to her more, I just don't know how to prove what I saw considering it was a while ago, and she got a new phone. I also don't know what else to say, I really don't want her to be sick, but I don't want to dissolve my friendship.

Also, "Naomi" is now assuming that "Ruth" is doing more things than just starving herself.

Here's that story:

Naomi saw cuts on Ruth's thighs, as if she was cutting herself.

I try to think of it more as she fell, but I'm not sure.

Then one day Ruth asked Naomi for some medicine and Naomi said "what for?"

And Ruth said "I feel funny" then Naomi said "pills aren't going to help that." and Ruth walked off and then told me she was going home and getting pills.

I am worried even more now, although I am trying to think on the brighter side of things.

Thanks again for all of your help!

- Name Withheld

Dear NW -

This reinforces what I said before: you need some serious back up.

Just like I warned, she's rebelling against you trying to help her, and if your suspicions are correct, she's getting deeper and deeper.

Self-medicating is a very dangerous thing. This is no knock on you or your friends but, please trust me, this is bigger than either of you can handle.

You've got to tell a parent, adviser, Bishop . . . someone.

And you've got to do it now.

I'm too far away to be much help.

Even if she comes to me directly, as people have in these situations, I would still call in someone local.

I'm counting on you.

Talk to someone right away and please let me know how it went.

- Bro Jo

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