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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Courage to Go See the Bishop - Part 2

Dear Bro Jo,

I'm 18, yep that's right!

It is the same guy but it happened after we were together that's what the bad part is!!

I totally see where you're coming from and that's what I've been thinking!

Making me question things that I've always been so sure of!!

I just can't seem to find the faith to pay tithing I know it's all part of being obedient so I really need to work at it!!

I keep trying to convince myself that I don't need to go to the Bishop but I know I do!

I have a calling as well so I guess I am a little scared about that!!

I wish I could meet up with my old Bishop but I know I can't which makes me feel worse about it!!!

- NW

Dear NW,

With Tithing, NW, don't gain a testimony and then pay; pay your tithing so you can gain a testimony of it.

A lot of Gospel Principles (most, actually) work that way.

We have to live them to know them.

Stop working against yourself!

Instead of trying to convince yourself NOT to see the Bishop, convince yourself TO see the Bishop.

Instead of making excuses, make plans.

(Oooo . . . I like that one! I'll go quote me on the Facebook page!)

Go call and make the appointment to see your Bishop right now.

Go on!

You can do it.

You need the Spiritual help that he can provide because he holds Priesthood Keys (which neither your former Bishop or I hold for you).


And then let me know you've made the call. I promise you'll feel better!

- Bro Jo

Dear Bro Jo,

I do totally understand everything you're saying!!

I'm so grateful for it!!

I'm so scared I have butterflies even thinking about it!!

I really don't want to do it!!

I'll go and see him tomorrow about it, I can't call him because I don't have his number but I will go and see him!!

I'm going to start paying tithing next time I get paid and I'll let you know it goes!!

I don't have to speak to all the Bishopric do I?!

It can be just the the Bishop right?

- NW!

Dear NW,

NW . . . you're making excuses.

You can get the Bishop's number if you want to, and you know it.

Yes, you can just speak to him.

This is like jumping in the swimming pool.

We know we should, but we convince ourselves that the water will be cold, then we wait . . . then we find ourselves not jumping.

You can do it!

I have faith in you!

- Bro Jo

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