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Friday, November 27, 2015

Follow Up Question to "Short Engagements"

Dear Bro Jo,

Just wanted to send a quick reply thanking you for posting the Will Girls Date Him Even Though He Didn't Go on a Mission?

If you do not remember I was the one who sent that, seeing that and some of the comments helped me out.

I was going through a slightly tough time and this really helped. Just a quick question you keep saying long courtships and short engagements what do you mean by short engagements out of curiosity.

- Name Withheld

Dear NW,

My personal opinion (and Sister Jo happens to agree) is that after a couple formally decides to get married (meaning an actually proposal) then the Sealing should happen in three months or less. 

All the reasons couples come up with for waiting are worldly ones, and the temptations to no longer be Temple Worthy become pretty darn strong. 

I know one couple that had a two-year wait between engagement and Sealing, and they made it to the Temple, but they'll tell you that it only worked because: 

     1) they lived a 10 hour drive apart with no decent flights between, 

     2) they were both phenomenally busy, and 

     3) when they did see each other they were never left alone for very long. 

And with all of that, when they were together, they could barely keep their hands off each other . . . and they often didn't. 

And they're two of the most focused, righteous people I know. 

So I say "short engagements". 

If you've made the decision, pull the trigger. 

BTW - Did you see the almost fanatical response I got from readers one the Facebook page who had married men who didn't serve? 

I thought some of them were ready to reach through their computers and punch me. 

- Bro Jo

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