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Monday, January 13, 2014

Avoiding Online Arguements

Dear Bro Jo,

I am very argumentative and I'm trying to stop.

Lately, I've gotten into a few internet arguments and I realize that they're silly and do no good, but it's just so easy to read something, get defensive and then try to prove that I'm right.

So, what I'm asking for is advice on how to stop and stay away from arguing over the internet and how to keep from getting defensive?


The Sassy Sister

Dear Sister,

You may be asking the wrong guy. Getting worked up about stuff that people post can be pretty easy to do!  I've been dragged into debates that I had no intention of being in, and if you're not careful not only is it frustrating, it can also eat up massive amounts of time.

I think what works for me best is to:

A) Remember that you can't ever argue someone into conversion 
B) Understand that when people are entrenched in their ideology no amount of links or logic is going to change their mind 
C) Realize that no one agrees with anyone else on everything 
D) Consider that most people are basically good people who mean well, even if they're dumb 
E) Concede that debating with closed minded and ignorant individuals is just a waste of time

If you can't control yourself, block the person, don't visit the site, or simply just put down the mouse and walk away.

Go read your scriptures, hum a hymn, or do something positive to help you refocus your heart and mind. 

Good luck!

And if you come up with anything you find particularly helpful, let me know!

- Bro Jo

1 comment:

Laura said...

When faced with the choice to voice my opinion or defend a stance in an online argument, there are a few things I do.
First, I make sure I am aware of my immediate surroundings. Remember that life is not inside the computer screen. Next, I run through a mental list of "the most important things in my life".
Does this argument even come close to any of those things?
Will this argument enrich my life and help me to come closer to achieving any goals that are on that list?
I'm trying to be like Jesus. Is this something the Savior would spend time on?
If any of those answers are "no", then I leave the commentary and go find something with a bit more value to spend my time on.